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Jelly Shan is a fashion designer based in San Francisco, CA. After finishing her Bachelor of Garment Design and Engineering in China, she went to the Academy of Art University to pursue a MFA degree in Fashion Design. With a focus on contemporary womenswear, Jelly has developed several collections which highlight her design aesthetic  She is inspired by anything that interests her: the arts, cultures, religions, films, etc.. Jelly keeps breaking the boundaries of gender and age.  She builds collections for modern, edgy, free thinking, independent and fearless women. At present, Jelly’s graduate collection has to be shown as part of the Academy's Graduate runway show held in September as part of New Yorks Fashion Week. 


She believes fashion allows people to express their personalities, creativity and individuality. As a fashion designer Jelly wishes to offer the public beautiful, well-thought out and highly creative garments, which will breakdown the rules of what one is supposed to wear, offering fresh and new clothing alternatives. She hopes to share her design aesthetic and philosophy through her work.

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